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Here are four guys who listened to a lot of Radiohead and Nirvana in the ‘90s. And the source material for those bands - the Pixies, of course. Years later, these four indie rock guys are doing their best to indie rock out, if only in between the wheels of life’s demands. But they are still energized by those formative years of quiet-loud-quiet, and it is that energy that propels their stories of suburban restlessness, quiet struggles, slices of life, blurry nostalgia, and bursts of joy on their upcoming EP Lessons Re-Learned and full length debut album Closer Apart.

Meet the members

The Meritocracy is Tony Whalen on drums, Wright Seneres on guitars and sounds, Travis Doyle on bass, and Doug Pike on vocals and keyboards.

About the music

Lessons Re-Learned is a re-recording of their 2010 EP Lessons Learned but with Doug Pike on lead vocals. The new EP includes a new track “Orbital” as well as re-worked versions of the original five songs. The tracklist is:

Listen to the original EP here:

Closer Apart is a drive through the streets of the United States of Suburbia, with a soundtrack of indie rock moments in between the responsibilities of grown life. The lyrics, mostly written by Tony Whalen, are a collection of contrasts, ironies, laments, and mantras about that grown life, but not without a few hopes and dreams. The music written by the band explores that dynamic between rocking out and growing old(er). The song titles (in alphabetical order) are:


"Your performance was outstanding...We look forward to working with you again..."
- Percy V. Sanders Jr., Week of the People, New Dawn Festival chairman

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The band can be contacted by email at The band website is To speak to a live person, please dial (908) 705-1042 for Tony Whalen or (609) 807-8017 for Wright Seneres.

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